Photography by Jill Schneider
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Photo by Jonathan Irish

Arctic Dreams: Dogsledding in Sweden

You've hiked, kayaked, climbed, and snorkeled—but have you tried dogsledding?

Check out some of the top highlights of our dogsledding adventure in Sweden, which will have your mushing through Lapland's snowy wilderness, mingling with reindeer herders, and staying at one of the coolest hotels in the world.

Beyond your wildest dreams: Get a unique perspective on a vast Arctic wilderness—and enjoy a physical challenge—while driving your own team of huskies through the snow.

Hang out with the huskies: On your journey through Lapland, you harness, feed, and care for the dogs on your team.

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Work up an appetite: During lunches around a crackling fire, sample local specialties including salmon, reindeer, and moose.

Live like a Laplander: Meet a local Sami—Lapland’s indigenous people, who have inhabited northern Scandinavia for thousands of years—and experience their everyday traditions.

Let it rein: Set off with your Sami host on an exhilarating reindeer-drawn sled ride through the snow.

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Bedazzled: Spend your nights in the wilderness in charming homesteads and lodges that are ideally situated for viewing the northern lights.

Some like it hot: Take part in the Scandinavian custom of an evening sauna, a great way to warm up and unwind after a day of dogsledding.

Chill out: The famed Icehotel of Jukkasjärvi awaits at the end of the journey. Opt to sleep in one of the hotel's magnificent, hand-carved ice suites—with a cozy thermal sleeping bag, of course!

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Cheers, or skål! During a toast at the Icehotel bar, clink mugs made of ice to celebrate the adventure.

A fond farewell: Cap off the trip with an enchanting evening in Stockholm, enjoying the city’s festive winter atmosphere.

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