Jenny Adler
Conservationist Photographer

Jennifer Adler is conservation photographer, educator, and National Geographic Explorer. She is a cave diver and has extensive photography experience in extreme underwater environments. She is originally trained as a marine biologist and worked as a biologist at the U.S. Geological Survey after graduating from Brown. She now uses her background in science to inform her imagery and tell visual stories that communicate science and conservation. Her story documenting an underwater dye trace study was featured on National Geographic's website and her PhD dissertation, called Visual Ecology, was funded in part by the National Geographic Society. Her research investigates how we can use photography as a tool in environmental education and communication and how it can help connect kids to their most vital resource: freshwater. Her work teaching kids about freshwater and creating the first 360-degree virtual tour in Florida’s underwater caves was featured in National Geographic magazine. Jenny is passionate about teaching, and besides her students in Florida, she has taught conservation photography in Cuba through the University of Florida School of Journalism and in Belize for National Geographic Student Expeditions. She has traveled widely for photography assignments—from Mexico and the Caribbean to Alaska and Iceland—and is a frequent speaker, including a 2015 TEDx talk. Her imagery is represented by National Geographic Creative.